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  • Where are lessons held?
    All lessons take place on ClassIn, a user-friendly online platform. You can easily install ClassIn on your PC, tablet, or mobile phone at no cost. Once you've booked your lessons on, we'll promptly provide you with the specific details to access our ClassIn classroom.
  • How can I book time slots for my lessons?
    After purchasing a lesson or lesson package, it will be automatically added to your account. Within your account, you'll have access to view all available time slots and choose the ones that best fit your child's schedule. Simply select and book the slots that work for you directly from your account. It's a convenient way to manage and secure your preferred lesson times.
  • I can't find a suitable time slot on the bookings calendar?
    The calendar is ready for up to three weeks in advance of fun-filled learning adventures. Be sure to mark your calendars every Sunday at 11am GMT, as we release another week for booking. It's the perfect way to keep you excited and ensure you never forget about your scheduled lessons. Hurry, grab your spot and let the learning begin! Don't miss out on booking your preferred time slots!
  • Which are the usual times available for taking class?
    Lessons are usually delivered from Monday to Friday. The times are usually between 8:00h and 12:30h GMT (an hour later during DST). These times are subject to slight change. You can convert GMT to your local time here:
  • Do you offer group lessons?
    While I don't offer them just yet, exciting news is on the horizon. I'm currently working hard to bring you awesome group lessons in the future. But hey, if you want to bring along a friend, family member, or even a super cool sibling to join in on your lesson, that's totally fine with me! Let's make learning a fun and inclusive experience together!
  • Can I cancel and re-schedule my lessons?
    Absolutely! We understand that schedules can change. You have the flexibility to cancel or reschedule your lessons. However, we kindly request that you provide us with at least 12 hours notice for any cancellations or changes. This allows us to accommodate other students and ensure a smooth learning experience for everyone. Just reach out and I'll be happy to assist you with any adjustments you need. If a cancellation is made with less than 12 hours notice, the lesson will be counted as completed and deducted from your lesson balance. We kindly ask for your understanding as our teachers invest valuable time and effort in preparing for each lesson. Prompt notification of any schedule changes helps us provide the best possible learning experience for all our students. We appreciate your cooperation in honoring the cancellation policy.
  • What happens if I'm late to class?
    If you happen to be late, please note that your lesson will still conclude at the scheduled time to ensure it doesn't affect the next student's lesson. Upon your arrival, we will utilize the remaining minutes to make the most of the lesson and cover the necessary material. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated to maintain a smooth learning experience for everyone involved.
  • Do you have any more levels than the five published?
    I'm excited to let you know that we have plans to introduce higher levels in the near future. I'm working hard to expand our offerings and provide advanced levels to cater to your growing English language needs. Stay tuned for updates as I continue to enhance our program and bring you more learning opportunities.
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