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Young child matching colours to their names in English

Level Two: Pre-A1

Level 2 is an exciting and engaging curriculum designed for young learners and beginners. It serves as a fantastic starting point for children of all ages, setting them on the path to pre-A1 English proficiency.

With 12 dynamic units filled with videos, songs, sounds, games, and challenges, your child will be captivated by their English learning experience. Each unit concludes with a review lesson and assessment, allowing your child to reinforce their knowledge. Optional homework is available to further enhance their skills, although not mandatory.

Throughout the program, your child will explore key language concepts, including phonics, greetings, numbers, colors, pronouns, capitalization, plurals, tenses, prepositions, negatives, weather vocabulary, and punctuation. This comprehensive curriculum sets the foundation for your child's English language skills.

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