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Level Four: A2

Experience a fantastic ESL journey with our Level 4 program, designed specifically for young learners who are reaching an intermediate level and possess a solid foundation in English. This level serves as an exciting stepping stone for students to express themselves in a more natural and fluent manner. Each of the 12 engaging units is packed with captivating videos, stimulating sounds, interactive games, and thought-provoking challenges. Unit after unit, your child will progress through a dynamic curriculum that covers a range of essential language skills. From the Past Progressive tense to comparatives, from hobbies and jobs vocabulary to prepositions of place, this program ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Each unit concludes with a review lesson and assessment to reinforce key concepts, and optional homework is available to further enhance language skills at a personalised pace. Get ready for a captivating exploration of past and future tenses, gerunds, compound words, subject-verb agreement, and much more. My Level 4 program also includes a lively phonics review, allowing students to refine their pronunciation skills. Let your child's English proficiency flourish with our engaging and enriching curriculum.

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